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Farida Dance
- the best place to buy costumes, accessories etc . . .

Farida Adventures
 – for fantastic trips to Egypt ….. I should know …. I run them!
NEW: Sewing course with the amazing Eman Zaki …. in Cairo.

Kay’s current recommendations:

Prime Cuts CD’s
There are currently 2 in this series put together and edited by Sara Farouk and Emad el Rashid. Prime Cuts 1 focusses on the music of Oum Kalthoum – and is the original music cut for dancers – so of a reasonable length and with a translation.

Prime Cuts 2
The music of Abdul Halim Hafiz 
- with my personal favourite ‘Mawood’. Both are available from
: www.faridadance.com/bellydance-music-and-dvds/music.html

A great site with Arabic translations of songs.

UK Magazine & Dance Organisation: www.nada.uk.com

Survey Monkey
Want to set up an on line survey? I find this really useful:

The Gilded Serpent
American online magazine – worth keeping an eye on for interesting articles: www.gildedserpent.com . . . There is even an interview with me on it . . . www.gildedserpent.com/art40/LilaintervKay.htm

And here are some articles written by Kay that may be of interest:

Kay writes for NADA, Mosaic and occasionally Gilded Serpent.

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