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Learn to Belly Dance
Learn to Belly Dance
Learn to Belly Dance
Learn to Belly Dance
learn to bellydance

Belly Dance Classes in the North East__
Shimmy your way into 2017
Egyptian style belly dance is suitable for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. It is a good form of exercise and great fun!  Belly dance is particularly good for people with lower back problems, anything that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles would benefit and, as it is not a high impact exercise, it is suitable for people with knee problems. 
Each teacher has a different approach and style. All have a passion for Belly Dance and want to share this love of the dance with their students.
Click on the area nearest to you down the right hand side. Teachers contact details are next to each class. Please contact the relevant teacher to ensure details are still current.

Why Belly Dance?
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Most of the Belly Dance classes listed here are run by teachers who have studied with or still study with Kay Taylor. Kay is the longest established teacher in the North East and one of the directors of JWAAD Belly Dance Training Ltd. JWAAD BDT Ltd runs teacher training courses and other accredited courses specialising in Belly Dance. Teachers listed have either completed the JWAAD safety course or the equivalent. Some are already JWAAD teachers and others are working towards the full Diploma. 

 Local Classes with Kay
Weekly classes tend to be based on a choreography in different styles of Egyptian Belly Dance:  Modern Pop, Folk, Oriental etc.  As classes are Open Level so of mixed ability, Kay focuses on basic technique at the beginning then goes on to more complex things in the second half for the more experienced dancers.
Kay works in Cairo at various festivals and takes groups to study with top dancers.  When this happens, Kay arranges for one of the teachers below or other top teachers in the area to take her classes.  This gives students the chance to develop their own style by learning with a range of teachers.
National Projects
Kay runs projects for groups of dancers around the UK. These can be based round personal development and utilise the JWAAD Personal Development Programme where individuals have an assessment and specific feedback alongside workshops for the group to work on specific subjects.
Kay has also run successful performance projects over 3 weekends culminating in a show. Challenging choreographies, work on personal solos, a live tabla tableau, all in a theatre setting.
Interested in either of these? Call Kay 0191 565 2920 or email kaytbd@me.com
Taster Workshops for non bellydancers, womens groups, health and well being days, team building etc. Prices are subject to distance travelled and the type of event you are having.  Belly dance is fantastic exercise, very uplifting and a great ice breaker.
Kay teaches workshops around the UK regularly and is often teaching at the bigger festivals like Fantasia in London and JoY in Yorkshire. You can also book Kay to come and teach one off workshops in your area. Click on the Workshop link to see what you can choose from.
A dance troupe to help younger dancers develop their technique and performance skills. Troupe members commit to a series of rehearsals. Kay creates the show – the tuition for the show is free however members have to make regular weekly classes as well as the rehearsals. Interested – email Kay: kaytbd@me.com
Kay is a fully qualified JWAAD Teacher and member of the JTA. Please contact kaytbd@me.com
or call 0191 565 2920 for further information